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口袋飞禽走兽 – 经典街机电玩移植老虎机 apk

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“▲▲()▲▲ ▲▲100%▲▲ : ▲ ▲ ▲ PK 4▲ () ▲ : 1. 2. 4312 3. 3272 ▲QQ 3139638511 ▲▲ most popular game birds and beasts Of




▲ 街机完美移植

▲ 免费金币天天送

▲ 多人联网PK

▲ 经典玩法,应有尽有

▲ 游戏大奖,一个不少


1. 进入游戏后选择分区,游戏设有新手区、初级区、中级区和高级区,不同区有不同的押分限制和彩金倍率,选择分区后再选择房间;

2. 动物押注:游戏中有狮子、熊猫、猴子、兔子4种动物,每种动物分红色、绿色、黄色3种颜色,共12门动物押注,倍率可变,一局可以押部分或者全部押注;

3. 庄和闲押注: 庄、和、闲3门倍率分别为2、7、2,一局可以押部分或者全部押注;


▲客服QQ: 3139638511

▲▲ most popular game birds and beasts Office (gold shark silver shark) game landed Android phone ▲▲
▲▲ 100% arcade perfect transplant! HD picture shock your eyes! ▲▲

This game is the most popular arcade game! Now you can play anywhere, anytime and the brightest experts together, with courage and wisdom of your riding arena!

Game Features:

▲ arcade perfect transplant
Arcade game room perfect transplant, high definition, shocked the music, allowing you to experience the feeling of arcade stimulate anywhere! Favorite arcade ball forests, fruit machines, thousands of gun fishing slot machine game you should not miss!

▲ free coins every day to send
Get a registration that is gold, you can receive free daily log in gold!

▲ multiplayer networking PK
Game 4 large hi games, multiple rooms to choose from! Play with global players!

▲ classic play, everything
Include birds and animals (gold shark silver shark) all the classic games are played, charge animals (monkeys, rabbits, panda, lion), charge birds (swallows, pigeons, peacocks, eagles), as well as gold shark, silver shark and find unforgettable fun !

▲ Game Awards, a lot
Color gold, gold shark, silver shark when it is your turn the tide! Perfect to restore arcade zoom gold and silver shark shark bet!


1. Select the partition into the game, the game features a novice area, the primary zone, intermediate zone and advanced areas, different zones have different charge points limit and winnings magnification, select the partition and then select room;

2. Animal bet: The game has lions, pandas, monkeys, rabbits four kinds of animals, each animal sub-red, green, yellow three colors, a total of 12 animal bet, variable magnification, a Board may charge some or All bets;

3. Chuang and leisure bet: village, and, free 3 ratio were 2,7,2, a Board may charge some or all bets;
Exactly the same rules of the game and arcade rules!

Through this game can improve your playing machine technology!

▲ Customer Service QQ: 3139638511

Download APK(1.4.0)

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