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“The mighty gods of Norwegian myth are up to something. What is happening and who is about to clash. Will all of the rea

“The mighty gods of Norwegian myth are up to something. What is happening and who is about to clash. Will all of the realms of the heavens and earth be safe? You will know that your bankroll is safe as you WIN and WIN on the HIGH PAYING Loki’s Slots Game.

★★★★★Game Features★★★★★
 Odin, Loki, Thor and other stunningly beautiful HD graphics.
 Bet the MAX across multiple lines for HUGE PAYOUTS!
 Free spins really add up and Sticky Wilds make winnings grow and grow!
 Hear Thor’s thunder thanks to the best HD sound!! Spin those twenty reels and the Gods will help you WIN!
 Level up and earn extra lines to help increase those WINNINGS. You’ll want all of the free coins you can get because you will earn a HIGHER MAX BET, too!
 Doubling Down on that bet? The gods will be pleased and your winnings will really soar!
 Be lucky enough to get a multiplier and increase your WINNINGS!
 Play Mini Games, get those lucky Scatter Symbols, and don’t forget there are Bonus Coins for every four hours you play!

Will you be as brave as the warriors that Odin has collected in the great hall of Valhalla in the realm of Asgard? Are you more like the wily Loki, always changing, shifting your shape and your demeanor to fit the situation so that you wander the Earth, the realm of Midgard as whatever man, or woman, or creature best suits the situation? Will there be a great battle, are the gods preparing to clash, to defend their realms or are they simply making sure they are safe should there be a pressing need for strength in the future? Only time will tell what will happen. But, you don’t have to wait to see the outcome in order to start WINNING BIG! These slots are on fire and the impending clash of the gods whether it is real or imagined will simply have to wait as you spin those reels matching those symbols and collecting HUGE PAYOUTS along the way!

IPhone, iPad, Tablet, or Android device–it simply doesn’t matter if you want to play Loki’s Slots Game. Get Vegas slots in the pam of your hand with a FREE download TODAY. A simple click or two at the App Store or Google Play and you can be playing among the gods of Norwegian lore! Don’t hesitate; download this great game today. Start SPINNING and keep on WINNING!”

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