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TILES AND GAMERSYou can play the game OK with tiles, similar to those one from the Dominoes game. Up to four players can


You can play the game OK with tiles, similar to those one from the Dominoes game. Up to four players can play. The tiles are in four colors (usually red, blue, green and black) with numbers from 1 to 13 over them, as every tile have two numbers. There are two additional tiles (with Star or J over them). The tiles are 106 total. (4 x 13 x 2 = 104 + 2 = 106 ) (2 black 1, 2 black 2, 2 black 3, ……, 2 green 13 etc.). Plus the two tiles with star (called fake OK).
Every player has a board for ordering of tiles. The tiles are closed and ordered by five in a heap, one next to the other (21 heaps x 5 pc. + 1)

For the determination of the OK cast a die, (2 times – the first time to determinate the heap, and the second time to determinate which tile from the heap will be OK) and then the game is open. The open tile (a number from the respective color), with 1 (bigger from the same color) is OK (for example if the open tile is black 1, OK is black 2 – two pc.). The OK could replace every other tile when making series (groups).


Someone of the players deal the tiles, as the first player have 15 tiles (because he is going to play first), and the other three players have 14 tiles each. Every player arranges his tiles on his board. With the arranging, if some player before to play have the same tiles, as the open tile (in the example – black 1), the result of the other player became with one point down (if the player has at least three points). The players are doing that before the end of the first round.


The player, who have 15 tiles play first. He cleans one tile for which he suppose, that he will not need in the making of the series (groups), as he puts her on his right side (between his desk and the desk of the player, who stands on his right side).

The players are making moves counterclockwise. Then plays the second player, who can take the tile, left by the previous player (the player who is on his left side) or to withdraw one tile from the heap in the middle (those tiles, which are not given to the players) and then also cleans one tile. Then plays the third player and after him, the forth player. That is the way to make round after round until the moment when one of the players “close” (order the tiles in series/groups as it is in the rules) or the tiles are finished.

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