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Description of Hearts card gamePlay now the great offline Hearts card game with the new special offline playersGame Feat

Description of Hearts card game

Play now the great offline Hearts card game with the new special offline players

Game Features:

– Designed for both Tablet and Phone
– Smooth gameplay.
– Hearts trick taking game Rules & Help
– Hours of entertainment!
– 100% Free! Play as much as you want
– Specifically optimized for the Android
– Hearts game without wifi. Play Hearts trick taking game offline.
– Fun, excitement and entertainment!
– Easy to use and comfortable user interface!
– Big and very clear cards.
– Enjoy the great players in our game.
– Works perfect even without network, without wifi, offline

Play it now for free, the Hearts trick taking card game, in our special design for all your family.

Enjoy the very easy to use user interface with the best graphics and gameplay, try to beat off other players!
The game is played like most other trick-taking games. The first trick is led by the player to the left of the dealer. Each other player, in clockwise order, then plays a card from their hand. Players must "follow suit"; that is, play a card of the same suit as the lead card, if they are able. If they are not able to do so, they can play any card (an action known as "sloughing" or "discarding"), including a penalty Heart or the Queen of Spades. The trick and any penalty points it contains are won by the player who played the highest-value card of the suit that was led. That player then becomes the lead player for the next trick, and play continues until all players have exhausted their hands.

No internet connection or wifi required:
You don't need an internet connection or wifi and don't have to wait for other players.

In this, Hearts, trick taking card free game, if you are dealt the Queen of spades, a question you need to ask yourself is, "Do I want to pass her or hold her?" This will depend on whether you are holding enough additional spades to protect her – that is, to play on the tricks that will inevitably be led in spades as the game unfolds. Count how many other spades you are holding. If this number is less than 3 you should probably pass the Queen.
When you have a particularly bad hand one strategy is to play or even lead with a high card on the first or even second trick in which that suit is led. You have a better chance of taking a trick without points the first time a suit is led than later since, in most cases, more (if not all) of your opponents will be forced to follow suit. Watch out, though: You already know that there is an advantage to voiding in a suit, and the player holding the queen may have done so and be lying in wait.
In Hearts trick taking game you can play without wifi, no wifi. You can play Hearts offline free, Hearts trick taking game without wifi.
In 3 out of 4 hands, you have the chance to pass 3 cards you don't like, Pass the Queen of spades if you don't have many spades. Pass the Ace and/or the King of spades if you don't have many spades and you aren't holding the Queen. Don't pass low spades (2 to Jack). Pass cards so as to void a suit, if possible. Pass high cards, if possible.
Pass low Hearts to prevent an opponent from Shooting the Moon.

play it now and give us five stars now!

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