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Ultimate Ludo: 2019 (Ludo Classic Board) v4.01 APK for Android download

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ULTIMATE LUDO – Make Winning Your Favorite Hobby TodayThis is the official ultimate Lugo game mobile app review written

ULTIMATE LUDO – Make Winning Your Favorite Hobby Today
This is the official ultimate Lugo game mobile app review written to introduce you to a fascinating game created so far.
You can download the game onto your phone, install and start playing. Two or four players can play this ludo multiplayer against each other or the computer. Each player gets four tokens. The dice is the game decider. You roll the dice and move your token along the assigned path according to the number you get. Invite your friends, family, and players from every continent to join and challenge your skills.
Game Basics

The aim of the game board game is to push all your four tokens into the finishing line. If you finish first, you are the winner.

You need a “6” on the dice to launch your token onto the ultimate Ludo board from your “Home.”

You should move the token around the entire board on the specified path before reaching the finishing line.

Cast the dice, see the number and move your token according to the number of blocks.

You can launch one token onto the board whenever you get “6” on the dice until all the four tokens are on board.
The War Begins
The ULTIMATE LUDO takes you through time travel to reach the royal palaces of India, where the kings and princes fought the fierce battle of Dyut (classic ludo of India). Their four soldiers marched along the path to reach the destination, knocking out the enemies on their way. The knocked out soldier goes out of the field (ludo board game) and waits for his master to cast a “Six” on the dice to reenter the board.
Ludo Online Multiplayer
The Ultimate Ludo you play online is similar to the Indian ludo classic called Dyut. The token is your soldier, and the board is the battlefield.
•If your token lands on a block occupied by your “enemy” you can knock it out of the board. Your opponent player should score a “six” on the dice to put it back on board.
•Going round the full turn on your assigned path is exciting, challenging and breathtaking.
•How you avoid knockout by your enemy is the key to your success.
•How fast you progress depends on how many “Six” you score on the dice.
•You face more challenges when you are closer to your destination.
•Sharpen your mind for the best strategies to knock out all your enemies.
•Be prepared for shorter jumps over the blocks to reach your goal.
•Experience the excitement of overtaking your enemies.
Why Ludo Classic Online
The Ultimate Ludo is on the path to top-ranked ludo classic online all over the world.
The designers have created multiple options for you to win a hard fought battle online. You may have come across many other versions of the ludo classic, which promised you the easy win. But ultimately you learned winning is not easy.
•Ultimate Ludo fills your game with demanding situations.
•It makes you think vertically, focusing only on your win.
•You will never feel like giving up.
•The more you play, the sharper your mind becomes.
•Ultimate Ludo is the best cognition improvement game.
•The most interesting of the freeboard games is Ultimate Ludo.
•With every game, you discover one more hidden talent in you.
•You get the best techniques to learn from your “enemies” and beat them using their own weapon.
Play from anywhere, earn points and enjoy your game. Your experience will be phenomenal.

Download APK(33.5MB)

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