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Ludo 3D Animated is an innovative twist to a classic Indian board game called Ludo/Parchís. Recall your childhood with L

Ludo 3D Animated is an innovative twist to a classic Indian board game called Ludo/Parchís. Recall your childhood with Ludo 3D Animated and play the dice game.
What is Ludo 3D Animated?
Ludo 3D Animated is an offline board game. This innovative board game is a hyper-casual take-to old Indian Ludo game. Unlike classic Indian Ludo, Ludo 3D Animated contains a war theme ⚔️, animated characters, 3D boards, animated cut scenes, lucrative rewards to make it more fun to play with family, friends, or even against bots (offline). The rules and regulations have been borrowed from the classic Indian Ludo game that you might have played with your friends and families when you were young.
This game contains two modes where you can play with friends or against the bots or mix and match them. In local multiplayer mode (pass and play) you enjoy yourself with your friends and family. In computer mode, you can play against smart AI that mimics humans playing Ludo. Or, you can choose to play with a mix of humans and bots as you desire.
What’s new in Ludo 3D Animated?
Animated characters
: Players and bots will have animated characters
Cut scenes
: The game consists of multiple animated cut-scenes for events like coming out of the base, cutting the players, hoping home, winning, losing
: In case you want to have the look and feel of classic Indian Ludo, you can customize to turn off animated characters, cut-scenes, 3D look, and play classic Ludo
Sleek UI:
Expect the easiest UI/UX
Smart AI
: We use AI that replicates a human player’s Ludo playing ability
War theme
: A Ludo game that was played between Indian kings and queens in ancient times, so it’s only fair if you can play war themed Ludo game
How to play Ludo?
Depending on the selection there will be 2-4 players, with 4 tokens/coins each. A dice is rolled into the board in turns by each player in a clockwise manner. The players’ coins/tokens can be on the starting point when a six is rolled on the dice. The goal of the player is to take all (four) coins home the fastest. In process of reaching home, you can cut other coins if you are in the same space except in safe zones indicated by stars.
Basic rules of the Ludo game:
A token/coin can start (come out of the base) only if the dice roll is a 6.
Each player rolls the dice turns in a clockwise manner. If the player rolls six or cuts another player, they get an additional chance to roll the dice.
The coins/tokens in any colored starting position, star or multiple coins are considered to be in the safe zone. They cannot be cut.
To win all coins must reach home.
The game will continue until all the players’ coins/tokens are in the home.
Features of Ludo 3D Animated 💫:
No internet connection?
No worries play against the bots or offline with friends and family
Bored of the classic look of the Ludo board game?
Well, we have a modern 3D dice and board with animation
Your phone can’t handle animations?
No problem, you can customize it to look like a classic Indian Ludo game
Do you want to express your feelings with emojis?
You bet, it’s the next feature that’s coming
Tired of ads in the other Ludo games?
We limit ads to maximize both revenue for us and fun for you
Not much space on the phone?
Our Ludo game is just 20MB
Hate losing progress when you switch devices?
We got you covered, we allow cross-platform data syncing
Want some changes to the Ludo 3D Animated?
Email: [email protected]

Download APK(48.7MB)

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