Snakes & Ladders Star: Ludo Sanp Sidi Game v1.0 APK for Android download

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We are proudly present most addictive free board game for people of all ages. Snake and ladder champion is ludo snake di

We are proudly present most addictive free board game for people of all ages. Snake and ladder champion is ludo snake dice board fun game for free. This is one of the best dice rolling game free available. You can play this luck base board game with agent robot and with your friends and family as well. If you love fun and entertainment, you must play this snakes and ladders board game at least once. You will be in love with this Snake board king game.
It is a casual fun game with simple race contest. It is a historic game and played world widely. This classic dice game has different names in different places. It is also known as virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes). In Hindi and Urdu, it is known as saanp seedhi game or sap sidi game.
This Snake and ladder staris a time killer game. It is best free board app game for kids as well.
Game Play
Ludo Snake and ladder multiplayer game has two basic game modes. First is single player game mode. In this mode of Snakes and the ladders king, player will play with artificial intelligence of computer. This mode can also know as snakes and ladders with auto play system. Second game play mode of Ludo snake and the ladder king is 1 vs 1. In this mode,you can play against your friend, family member or anyone else. Therefore, it can also be known as snakes and ladders for two players.
Structure of snake and ladder traditional board game is very simple. On the classic board, there are multiple snakes and the ladders. Player has to roll the dice. Dice has 6 numbers from 1 to 6. After rolling the dice, Number appears on top of dice will considered number to play. According to that number, token will be moved to next squares. Total 100 squares are on that traditional classic board.And in case if 6 appears onto your dice, you will get another chance to roll your dice in this interesting fun board game. If token reach on a square with bottom of a ladder, piece will move top of that ladder. And if piece or token arrive on square with head of snake, token have to move on that square which contains tail of snake. You can say, ladders will take token on the top and snake will down the token on bottom. In this classic snake and ladder game, who will reach first on square 100 of game, will considered winner. In simple words, it is battle of first arrive at 100.
Graphics& Animation
Graphics of this top snakes and ladder game are outstanding. Eye catching color combinations and beautiful board make this one of the best board game. This snakes and ladders dice game has best quality sound. These best feature of snakes and ladders board game one of the best time pas game.
Animations played on rolling of dice and movement of tokens, make this snakes and ladders ludo game the best free sanp-sidi game.
Key Features
•Best free snake and the ladder game is totally free for everyone
•Top snake and ladder stars offline game
•Challenge your friends
•Therefore, it is also known as ludo snake multiplayer game
•Addictive free dice game app
•Gives smooth performance

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